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Welcome Teachers!


I would like to personally welcome you to the SAU Children’s Campus Blog.  If you are a first time blog user, welcome to the club!  I am too and would love to hear any of your feedback via our blog or via email at harrisonandromahii@sau.edu.  Feel free to peruse the website and learn more about me as a teacher and about our program.  I plan on using this blog to help support other teachers so please ask anything.  I will leave with you with inspiring quotes, ideas to try in the classroom, and what I have learned thus far in my teaching career.  We want our children to enjoy learning and become life long learners and that is what I would like of you!

Prior to the launch of our blog, I had been sending out emails with ideas and things to do in your own classroom which included reflections, observations, and techniques.  I will add those emails to the blog for reference if you’d like to return to them. 

Please feel free to share this blog with any of your colleagues! 


Andromahi I. Harrison

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