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Sit back and think of a time when someone acknowledge your hard work, how did that make you feel?  Close your eyes and put yourself in that position.  You worked so hard on a presentation for a meeting or for a class and after presenting you received the grade you wanted, inspired one person in the group, or conveyed the message perfectly.  It’s a great feeling isn’t it?!  Then, to top of this great feeling that you have someone acknowledges your work!  They understand how hard you have worked. 
This above feeling that I am talking about is a scenario we can create for children.  When we help children feel like this, like us they want to try again, work harder, and succeed.  We need to help create this feeling for every child in your classroom.  Now, this is a task that will not happen overnight but it can happen!  Our job as a teacher is to motivate every single child.  This upcoming week, find one child to touch base with, begin to create a bond with them.  As you create this bond and begin thoroughly observing them add tracking statements so that the child understands you acknowledge their work.  During these observations, feel free to take notes!  You will then be able to use this for future reference!
As your getting to know this child (or on a deeper level), try these techniques:
  • find out their favorite thing to do in the classroom
  • what motivates them
  • what makes them excited
  • track their behaviors/movements (more or less depending on age)
  • begin to engage in this activity with them daily or ask them about it if unable to engage

When I tried this I found out on a deeper level more about a child who had been in my classroom about four months and has a strong relationship with my assistant.  I knew he enjoyed working in block center but he truly enjoys combing blocks and family living.  He is motivated by gross motor movements and acting out roles of various jobs/people/animals.  He gets excited when he works hard on something for many minutes and is able to accomplish the task (he worked repeatedly on creating a boat and when pieces fell over became frustrated.  I encouraged him verbally and he was able to do it after several tries!).  I plan on continuing creating this boat next week.

For more information about the Teaching Emails, please read the post: Welcome!


“When a person feels encouraged, he can face the impossible and overcome incredible adversity.”  John Maxwell


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