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The children have started to ask questions about what types of food grow on trees and what types of food grow on bushes.  They began asking questions about olives.  I shared with the children that my parents own olive trees.  A huge discussion began!  The children wanted to know what they looked like and we began to look for pictures on the computer.  We started to talk about the personal experiences the children have had with different types of Olives.

We began with the Kalamata (Greek) Olives.  The children had the opportunity to explore the olives.  They children used rulers to measure the size of each olive.  Kara introduced an Olive Pitter and the children had an opportunity to use it.  They then began to sketch, investigate, and discuss the attributes of the pit and the olives.  Some children wanted to taste them and they had the opportunity.  None of the children liked the taste.

Several children then began to weigh olives that have pits and ones that did not.  Elisabeth (4.6) creates a graph for her information.  Each side is labeled, “heavy” and “not heavy.”  She then begins to weigh the olives.   She tells her friends that the heavy side of the scale is the one that tips and touches the base of the scale.  She then counts the olives in that tray.  She documents that answer until her paper is full of data.

The days following the Greek olive investigation the children investigated green and black olives.  The children created a Venn diagram comparing the two kinds of olives.  The children tried these as well.  Most of the children liked the black olives and only two liked the green olives.

We continue to investigate…Will you?


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