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Archive for May 12, 2011

Collaborative Tree

The children had been very interested in sketching, labeling, and document their learning since the beginning of the tree project.  A child suggested to create a tree all together.  I began to sketch the outline of the tree and the children would share what parts I would need to add next including the size of lines and the parts of the tree.  The children then began to take control of the activity by creating their own parts of the tree and then creating their own labels.  As a teacher, it is often hard to back up and let the children take control but I feel it is vital when you are viewing the children as confident and capable!  The children were able to collaboratively sound out the words by asking older peers for assistance, asking peers for what details to add, and adding each piece in the appropriate location! 

This week my challenge to you this week is…

Empower the children in a way you never have before!  Offer children the opportunity to discuss a situation and work out a solution, let the children fill their own cups of juice, let the children crack an egg, and/or let the children pick the next project.  Share your challenges with us and we will help support you! 

Can’t wait to hear how you challenged yourself this week!


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