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Phase One

Project Work has three phases.  The first phase has several different attributes to it.  This is the stage where you determine officially what your project is and begin to collect data about the connection the children have with the topic, the questions they have, the information they know, and the direction you will be going.  Check out our phase one work below.

 Makayla (5.9) draws two pictures.  The first is a picture of a mother and child.  She drew and labeled each picture and created a pacifier.  “Babies need pacifiers if they are sad.”  Her second drawing is a baby learning to walk to his/her mom.


What we know about Babies:

  • They suck their thumb.
  • Babies chew toys.
  • You can not hurt a mommy’s belly.
  • Babies sleep in a crib.
  • Some babies stand, but not all of them.
  • Mom’s and Dad’s hold babies.
  • Babies cry.  They get mad too.
  • Babies come out of mommy’s bellies.
  • Babies grow.
  • Babies drink milk.
  • Babies sleep and cry a lot.
  • They play with rattles.
  • They put toys in their mouths.
  • We have to hold the babies  gently.
  • Sometimes babies sit in a baby swing.

What we want to know:

  • How do babies eat food?
  • When do babies walk?
  • How do babies get hair?
  • How do babies eat without teeth?
  • How do babies walk?
  • How do babies climb?
  • How do babies get a heart?
  • How do babies get dressed?
  • How does a baby get their diaper changed?
  • How do babies eat in their mommy’s tummy?
  • What doctor takes care of babies?
  • How do babies take medicine?
  • Why do babies bite?
  • How do babies fit in mommy’s bellies?
  • How do babies grow so fast?
  • When do babies get fingernails?
  • Do boys have babies?
  • Where do I get my belly button from?
  • How long do babies sleep?
  • How long does a baby stay in a mommy’s belly?
  • When do babies walk?
  • Do babies brush their teeth?

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