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Sketching their learning

Through what we have learned from books, articles, project work, and Lilian Katz, we know that sketching is so important.  As Lilian shared during her training at the Engaging Young Minds Conference, adults take notes when they are learning something new and do not want to forget it.  Children sketch.  They sketch while listening to an expert, they sketch for predictions, they sketch to document data, and they sketch to teach us what they have learned.  Below are sketching during the last two months.  Their work is phenomenal!






Eila (4.1) uses the computer as a resources with a power point depicting each month of pregnancy and what is happening to the baby.  After reading and looking at each picture, Eila creates three sketches based on the first month, third month, and ninth month slides.  She describes the first picture as the “embryo”, the second as “the babies bones are getting stronger.  It’s growing legs!” and the third, “Nine months baby is ready to come out.  The baby is kicking because it does not have much room.

Hayden (2.11) watches Lydia trace the uterus and then tell Mahi her words.  Hayden gathers paper, pencil, and a clipboard and tells Lydia and Mahi, “I want to do it!”  He traces the uterus several times.  “That mommy’s belly.”

Lydia (3.10) traces each of the four uterus in the tenth, twelfth, fourteenth, and sixteenth week of pregnancy.  She sketches each side of the uterus, draws several pictures, and asks Mahi to document her pictures.  She documents several babies in different stages of pregnancy.  She also documents the umbilical cord.





 Brayden (4.4) sketches several circles.  The first two circles represent the tummy, the second the uterus,  and the last image inside is a two-week old fetus.


Eamon (4.10) sketches a six-week old fetus inside a uterus.  “The baby isn’t full term so it doesn’t have all  its body parts.”


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