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Pack and Play

First, Mahi brought journals over to the children and asked the children to sketch what they thought a pack and play might look like.  Most of the  children sketched a small gym but several children believed that it might be what their siblings or young cousins had.  When Mahi brings the Pack and Play the following day, three children comes over to what was brought into the classroom.  “I know what that is! It is a pack and play.  My brother has one of those,” one of the children shares.  Two children decide it needs to come out of the bag it is placed in and then needs to be pulled apart.  The same child who recognized the Pack and Play begins to fix the railings by pulling it up to latch it into place.  He notices that the two short sides will not latch into place.  He notices the instructions in the bottom of the pack and play and asks Mahi if the children can read them.  With Mahi, they read the instructions.  He points to the picture of the piece being pulled up in the middle of the Pack and Play.  Mahi reads it to him and he tells Mahi to pull the center piece up.  Once this is done, he is able to latch all sides in place. Mahi pushes the bottom down and Keegan and several friends look under it to make sure it is not crooked.  He then puts the mat in.  He fits the bassinet piece but it does not fit.  He asks, “Whose Pack and Play is this?”  Another child shares it is his and the child decides, with the help of his peers, that they should ask that child’s mom who happens to be a teach in our building named Lynn.  Lynn gives her ideas to the children.  The children bring it back to the classroom holding it like Lynn had shown them.  The children who interviewed Lynn were able to but the bassinet netting in place.  The children help snap the pieces and put the hooks in place.  One child looks at the directions and realizes that the mat needs to be in the top if you are using it as a bassinet.  The children tear down their work, take the mat out, put the bassinet piece back in, and put the mat back in.  This whole process takes about one hour.

Our learning so far

After a morning full of investigation, dramatic play representation, and sketching, the children asked if we could share some of our new ideas at group.
–“Babies are actually stuck to their mommy’s when they are born with the umbilical cord.” Keegan (4.3)
–“Babies crawl under people’s legs sometimes.” Drake (3.10)
–“I learned the belly pushes (contracts) to make the baby come out of the body.  Babies can eat big chunks of food either.” Claire (4.3)
–“My mom was sick when Katie was in her belly. Mom had to go to the doctors so they could get her baby out of her belly.  They want to crawl everywhere.  My baby cries in her bed sometimes.  She eats baby food, too.” Alli (2.11)
–“At the beginning, babies can only eat baby food.” Grace (4.9)
–“They eat baby crackers sometimes.” Maddie (3.8)
–“Annabell can eat, craw, walk, eat crackers.  That is because she’s a toddler.” Brayden (4.4)
–“I think some babies do not like baby food.  Some bigger babies eat pizza.  It has to be in small bites.” Lydia (3.10)

Claire’s Knowledge

Claire (4.3) explains to the class what she has learned thus far:

–Newborns need to be born full term
–Six week babies have tails
–Babies born too early will need to go in the NICU
–Babies need to grow in mom’s stomach
–Only girls have a uterus.
–You can have a uterus with no baby in it.
–A fetus is a baby before it comes out of the mom’s stomach.

Maddie’s Representations

Maddie (3.7) begins to roll a piece of model magic into a ball. She tells Mahi, “I want to show you something.”  She remembers she needs to make something and draws a small dot in the center of her ball which she has flattened out.  After she creates the mark, she creates the piece into a ball again.  She tells Mahi, “This is the uterus.  Inside is a baby.  I made the baby with my marker.”  Mahi asks, “How does the baby get out of the mommy’s belly.”  Maddie replies, “The doctor has to open the mommy’s tummy, to get to the uterus, and the baby.”  She begins to pull the pieces of model magic in two pieces.  She continues to stretch out the model magic until it makes long thin pieces.  “That is the umbilical cord.  That gives the baby food. What the baby eats, the mommy eats!”  Mahi asks, “It looks like the baby is stuck in the uterus with the umbilical cord.”  Maddie tells Mahi, “Doctor Maddie will cut it. Or the daddy!”  She cuts the umbilical cord and releases the baby.

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