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Maddie’s Representations

Maddie (3.7) begins to roll a piece of model magic into a ball. She tells Mahi, “I want to show you something.”  She remembers she needs to make something and draws a small dot in the center of her ball which she has flattened out.  After she creates the mark, she creates the piece into a ball again.  She tells Mahi, “This is the uterus.  Inside is a baby.  I made the baby with my marker.”  Mahi asks, “How does the baby get out of the mommy’s belly.”  Maddie replies, “The doctor has to open the mommy’s tummy, to get to the uterus, and the baby.”  She begins to pull the pieces of model magic in two pieces.  She continues to stretch out the model magic until it makes long thin pieces.  “That is the umbilical cord.  That gives the baby food. What the baby eats, the mommy eats!”  Mahi asks, “It looks like the baby is stuck in the uterus with the umbilical cord.”  Maddie tells Mahi, “Doctor Maddie will cut it. Or the daddy!”  She cuts the umbilical cord and releases the baby.

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