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Our learning so far

After a morning full of investigation, dramatic play representation, and sketching, the children asked if we could share some of our new ideas at group.
–“Babies are actually stuck to their mommy’s when they are born with the umbilical cord.” Keegan (4.3)
–“Babies crawl under people’s legs sometimes.” Drake (3.10)
–“I learned the belly pushes (contracts) to make the baby come out of the body.  Babies can eat big chunks of food either.” Claire (4.3)
–“My mom was sick when Katie was in her belly. Mom had to go to the doctors so they could get her baby out of her belly.  They want to crawl everywhere.  My baby cries in her bed sometimes.  She eats baby food, too.” Alli (2.11)
–“At the beginning, babies can only eat baby food.” Grace (4.9)
–“They eat baby crackers sometimes.” Maddie (3.8)
–“Annabell can eat, craw, walk, eat crackers.  That is because she’s a toddler.” Brayden (4.4)
–“I think some babies do not like baby food.  Some bigger babies eat pizza.  It has to be in small bites.” Lydia (3.10)

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