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A teachable bug moment

It all started with a bug…

“I think there’s a bug back here!”

Children trickled in and out of the space where the bug was sighted.  Minutes later, we had an all out search that was starting.  One child, created a diagram of how he was going to catch the bug and wrote the word food above his sketch.  He explained his plan to another child.  The other child shared, “So what your saying is….” and he retold the entire details of the child’s plan to him.

An hour and a half later, we had moved a shelf (found items we hadn’t realized had disappeared :)), created a trap, used various tools including flashlights, magnifying glasses, blocks, and color paddles, created maps, diagrams, and stories, but we did not find a bug. We will continue our search over the course of the next few days.



We met many objectives including:

  • demonstrates gross motor skills
  • follows directions
  • demonstrates approaches to learning by persisting and solving problems
  • retells stories
  • uses scientific inquiry skills

All from a teachable moment!

What teachable moment did you follow this week?

Motto for the day and for your lifetime!

I am currently listening to Dr. Bailey’s training session in my car every morning. Most of the people who know me on a personal basis or have even observed in my classroom will tell you that I am completely invested in understanding the individual child and understanding a guidance plan that will help support each child.  Through what we currently do at my center and all I have studied on Dr. Bailey I feel that I am making strides in a good direction.
This morning as I was listening to Dr. Bailey’s presentation, she quoted a song by Johnny Mercer which says,
“You’ve got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the Negative, Latch on the affirmative!”
I think this is a PERFECT motto to follow in the classroom.  Accentuate the positive with the children.  Eliminate the negative behavior in positive ways and latch on to the affirmative baby steps!!
How did you follow this motto today? This week? Even when your frustrated?  How did you do this?  Please share! We’d love to hear!

Tasting Chili

Our chili was a success!  The pot is almost empty and we only shared a bowl with the person who brings us lunch.  Some of our children tried chili for the first time and loved it!  While enjoying what we created, the children talked about another soup we could make so that we could see the changes in the ingredients.  So far, the chidlren are thinking of something with cheese so they can see the cheese melt.  We plan on dicussing our next soup this afternoon.


Last week, we read the book Pigs in the Pantry and role played the entire story.  We talked about the different measurement tools the characters were using and even pretended to chop, dice, and saute many of our pretend ingredients.  During this same week, we were discussing liquids, solids, and gases in relation to our weather project.  After reading the book for several days and role-playing, the children asked if we could make chili based on the recipe from the book.  We couldn’t say no!!  We knew that we could discuss the changes of the types of food as we brown the meat, saute the vegetables, and prepare the chili.  We felt this would combine so much of our curriculum into this activity.

Yesterday, we spent time organizing our food and taste testing many ingredients.  We classified each item into gas, solid, or liquid.  Sometimes, the children would guess right away where they thought the item would fit.  Other times the children would wait until they saw the contents in the can.  Several children who are typically are picky eaters tried items with us that they would never have tried in the past!  They even liked some of them!!  They even shared they would try the chili!

Today, we prepared the chili and it is currently cooking in our crock pot!

To find out what has happened so far check out our power point:

Pigs in the Pantry

What we’ve learned so far!

Check out what we have learned so far in our current investigation.  Click on the link below to find out.  Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, and questions!

The Weather Project

Reflections on a new idea and a fresh start

It’s been so long since I’ve posted and I miss it! Last year, I decided that blogging would help me connect with more teachers, offer support, and learn from others as well.  I have done this and more!  Over the course of the year, I have had the opportunity to meet bloggers from all over the world and learn about their classrooms.  What an inspiration it is to talk to other teachers and parents!

Although, my first year of blogging went well I feel I need to make goals towards the next year.  With this in mind, I have had time to reflect on the purpose of the blog and where I would like to see it go this year.  My goals include:

  •  more supporters
  • more comment threads
  • more posts

Through discussions with other bloggers, parents, teachers, and friends, I have decided to blog about various things instead of just one topic.  This will give me many opportunities.  I will be able to share happenings in our classroom which might include an activity that the children created that we can’t wait to do again, a teachable moment that had to be shared, a project work inspiration, and my findings in my search of learning about Becky Bailey.   Any other ideas are welcome!  This will help me post more frequently, meet a greater audience, and hopefully, inspire!  As always, you will still be able to pull up posts by category or a certain tag based on your specific search!

Thanks for your dedication in the last year and the years to come!

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