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Reflections on a new idea and a fresh start

It’s been so long since I’ve posted and I miss it! Last year, I decided that blogging would help me connect with more teachers, offer support, and learn from others as well.  I have done this and more!  Over the course of the year, I have had the opportunity to meet bloggers from all over the world and learn about their classrooms.  What an inspiration it is to talk to other teachers and parents!

Although, my first year of blogging went well I feel I need to make goals towards the next year.  With this in mind, I have had time to reflect on the purpose of the blog and where I would like to see it go this year.  My goals include:

  •  more supporters
  • more comment threads
  • more posts

Through discussions with other bloggers, parents, teachers, and friends, I have decided to blog about various things instead of just one topic.  This will give me many opportunities.  I will be able to share happenings in our classroom which might include an activity that the children created that we can’t wait to do again, a teachable moment that had to be shared, a project work inspiration, and my findings in my search of learning about Becky Bailey.   Any other ideas are welcome!  This will help me post more frequently, meet a greater audience, and hopefully, inspire!  As always, you will still be able to pull up posts by category or a certain tag based on your specific search!

Thanks for your dedication in the last year and the years to come!


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