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Archive for February 21, 2012

Motto for the day and for your lifetime!

I am currently listening to Dr. Bailey’s training session in my car every morning. Most of the people who know me on a personal basis or have even observed in my classroom will tell you that I am completely invested in understanding the individual child and understanding a guidance plan that will help support each child.  Through what we currently do at my center and all I have studied on Dr. Bailey I feel that I am making strides in a good direction.
This morning as I was listening to Dr. Bailey’s presentation, she quoted a song by Johnny Mercer which says,
“You’ve got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the Negative, Latch on the affirmative!”
I think this is a PERFECT motto to follow in the classroom.  Accentuate the positive with the children.  Eliminate the negative behavior in positive ways and latch on to the affirmative baby steps!!
How did you follow this motto today? This week? Even when your frustrated?  How did you do this?  Please share! We’d love to hear!

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