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Archive for February 23, 2012

A teachable bug moment

It all started with a bug…

“I think there’s a bug back here!”

Children trickled in and out of the space where the bug was sighted.  Minutes later, we had an all out search that was starting.  One child, created a diagram of how he was going to catch the bug and wrote the word food above his sketch.  He explained his plan to another child.  The other child shared, “So what your saying is….” and he retold the entire details of the child’s plan to him.

An hour and a half later, we had moved a shelf (found items we hadn’t realized had disappeared :)), created a trap, used various tools including flashlights, magnifying glasses, blocks, and color paddles, created maps, diagrams, and stories, but we did not find a bug. We will continue our search over the course of the next few days.



We met many objectives including:

  • demonstrates gross motor skills
  • follows directions
  • demonstrates approaches to learning by persisting and solving problems
  • retells stories
  • uses scientific inquiry skills

All from a teachable moment!

What teachable moment did you follow this week?

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