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A child’s idea

Our Target project has continued and the children have begun to ask each other questions about the different departments in Target.  With this in mind, I added departments to our focus of study for project work for the next few weeks.  I underestimated all of the ways the children would want to take each department and thought that two days in each department would give the children enough time to learn and ask the few questions that they had! Boy was I wrong!  Here is where I learn from the children as they learn from me.  My plan was to use a projector both days and reflect an image of the optical center and have children role play and learn about the optical center.  I am thankful that our school’s philosophy as well as my own is to follow the children’s lead.  If I would have thought I had all the right answers, our investigation of the department would not have been as phenomenal.

On Monday, I mentioned that I would be bringing the projector in to display a picture of the optical department.  A child right away shared that we should actually create a list of items before we do this.  She brought over the Target book I had made (a book with pictures and a story line about a little child who goes through the Target store and what they see) and turned to the Optical Department.  She looked in the detail of the the picture and began to create her list.  She did this by following the words from the below text or from her own inventive spelling.  When she was done with the ideas from the book, she interviewed a child who had recently been to the doctors to get glasses.  He was able to explain to her what he had seen. She and another friend continued to create the list and prepare some items on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I brought the projector in.  I had planned on setting the picture up and encouraging children to recreate or add to the optical office. As I prepared the projector, a child said, “I think we should sketch this optical department? Can we sketch it?”  I thought this was a great idea and I wanted to see where the children would go with it.  The child gathered paper, pencils, markers, and colored pencils and encouraged friends to join him after their work was put away.  The children spent time sketching in group which is where the picture was projected.  Several children brought their papers to the wall where it was being projected.  They sketched right on the wall and would copy words as well.  This continued into today, as a child mentioned that there was a doctor who worked in the optical department and that we need to see the office as well.

As we continue our investigations, we will let you know!!

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