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How big is a….

As we began to look for our new project, we noticed the children acting out many different roles including dogs, cats, elephants, and giraffe’s.  We started to bring in books that had to do about the zoo to see if the children’s interest was in that field and the answer was definitely yes!  We began by creating a list of what we knew and then some questions that we wanted answer.  With a new school year, we have children who have been a part of project work from about 2-3 years (some were doing project work in the two-year old room as well) or children who have never had experience with project work.  Our younger ones are learning about their ideas, questions, and thought process are important.  We begin to teach them, model for them, and guide them to find the answers to their questions and begin to have an in-depth investigation about a topic.

This week, the children have been very interested in the height of the animals.  A family generously offered an animal fact book for our classroom.  In this fact book, there are pages of animals with information about each animal.  The children began to look for the numbers on the cards to determine how tall they were.  With the help of the assistant teacher, Kara, the children used long blue paper to measure out several of the animals.  After measuring each animal out, the children would then take their bodies and lay out on the paper to determine how much bigger each animal was in comparison to a “typical” preschool body.


Until our next zoo adventure,


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