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The children came in the classroom in the morning ready to continue our work from the day before. They began by asking to look at a website we had looked at before which explained jobs at the theatre. The girls decided to take on the job of the ticket master. They used small square papers to use as tickets. Addison cut a box to use to hold the tickets. Lydia cut the paper in small pieces and began copying words from tickets we had in the room.

As more friends come to school, the preparation for the production becomes larger. They find a book called The Little Engine That Could and decide that they could recreate this into a production. Graham brings paper over and with help writes the name of the play. They then look through the story adding a list of characters on a piece of paper. Once the list is done, Addison finds a job for each friend. She calls out, “Who is going to be the girl? Nutcracker?” She then helps them find a costume to wear or make for each of the characters. The children continue to revisit the book to make sure each of their costumes is accurate.





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  1. I absolutely love how much you and the children are able to bring literacy into this project in such a purposeful and natural way!

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