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The children have been very interested in Llama Llama books and have been working the last two weeks on creating scenery for the play.  They have asked to read the books at group, on an individual basis, in small group, and they have also been reading the books or looking at it by themselves.  This helped as we decided to create a list of all of the materials that we need to recreate this show.  On this day, we spent time creating a variety of items for the show.  We began by creating a car (this is how Llama gets to school).  Several boys took charge using items in the classroom from our treasure chest (a chest of materials for representation activities) to recreate the car.  Other children began to recreate items for the school including a sign with the word school, napkins (for snack), and shelves for the toys to stack on at the school.  Stay tuned for more of our work!IMG_0629IMG_0632

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