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Archive for May 13, 2013

Community Building

This time of year is always sad for us as we are saying goodbye to our kindergartners (several of them whom we have had for two to three years or had their families for years!). We have built such strong relationships with those families and children we feel as if we are losing a part of our family. This year is especially sad as our assistant of five years left our program to pursue her degree. Although we wish her well and are thrilled to have the newest addition, Christy, in our classroom, we are all dealing with several transitions and our emotions are high.

As all of us are going through the many transitions that this time of year brings, we are beginning to reinvent our classroom community. We will continue to do this over the course of the next few months as we bring in new faces, families, and friends into our room. Today, as a classroom community builder, we worked together to solve the problem of the Human Knot. In the Human Knot, children are to cross their hands in front of them and hold their peer’s hands and try to get out of the “knot” by not dropping their peers hands.

Several children were able to master this task quickly and decided that the fewer children that play the easier it is to get out. So far, the children have been able to make it out of the “knot” with seven children. We will continue adding on as the children are interested.


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