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Archive for August 6, 2013

The mystery item!

The children started pulling items about of our plastic bag to begin the preparation for our pizza sauce.

“What is that white thing?”

“That white thing?  An onion.  Onions go in pizza sauce.”

A child begins to pull pieces off of this mysterious white item.  Other children continue to take items out of the bag as they look back to see what their friend is doing.  Their friend continues to pull and pull pieces of this item.

“It’s an onion.  I’m sure!”

“But it doesn’t smell like an onion.  And it is not making my eyes water! Will you show me a picture of the onion on the computer?”

Mahi brings up a picture on the computer and the children agree it is not an onion.

The item is open and the children are peeling smaller and smaller pieces.  “I’ve smelled that before! It smells so good.  It is…..”

Before we add a picture, does anyone have any guesses what the children discovered together completely on their own?

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