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Our sauce experience began with the garlic. One child wondered if garlic only came “white like that”. Another child shared, “No, I don’t think so.” I shared I had something in my fridge that might help and the next day I brought in my container of minced garlic. A reader in my room read the word garlic right away. We opened up the container and smelled it and a child said, “Yup! That is the smell of garlic. Yum!” We then compared the difference between the minced garlic in my container and the actual garlic.

Some comparisons included:

  • “Smell like garlic.”
  • “One is white and one is orange or yellow.”
  • “Really tiny”
  • “flaky” about the garlic clove
  • “cold” about the minced garlic

We even tried it. After some children reported the clove of garlic was hot another child shared, “The other garlic is in water. Water makes things not hot. Like a fire.” I posed the question, “Will the pizza be hot if the garlic is hot?” The same child who shared that the pizza crust will not be sweet because there is not enough sugar shared again, (Click here for the post about Pizza Dough)”No. We are not putting TONS of garlic in.”

After we investigated each ingredient, we created another list of items to try and then we tried them! The children voted for the items they liked the best.  We then created the sauce and tried it again. To the children’s surprise, the sauce was not hot. “It was just right! Like in the three little bears!”

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