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How do we use technology in the classroom?

Technology in a preschool room?  You watch movies and cartoons on it!  How many computers have you gone through?

These are all statements that I have heard when I tell others that we use technology as a part of our every day routine.  As our children continue to become more and more proficient with the technologies of our lives, I felt it was important to share with you all our children can do with the technologies.


  • google a question
  • today we put up a picture of a cheetah and a leopard to find out the difference between the two
  • listen to music
  • play educational apps
  • find out the weather
  • use the timer to find out how fast or how long something took
  • sketch items from the computer/IPad
  • visit websites to add to our project work or answer questions
  • email a family to touch base with them with a child’s work
  • use the app associated with our assessment system
  • upload photos to our family facebook or shutterfly accounts

Smart Board/Projectors

  • enhances our project work by showing videos of actual events, items, machines
  • use to write words
  • use to follow directions to dances or exercise with
  • use to listen to stories
  • use as a background to our work (the scenary to a play, water for our island)
  • identify words
  • create shadows
  • view a powerpoint of information for children or create one with what has been learned thus far

Cameras/Video Cameras

  • view and take pictures from
  • review something that happened and retell the story
  • share accomplishments
  • video tape the childrens work and then see what needs to be added next time to enhance the details (this has worked with our plays)
  • sharing the first time a child accomplishes something in your room

How do you use technology in your classroom? Home?  What can we add to this list? Why is it important to your room!


Enjoy the technology around you!






Blood Drive

Hello faithful blog followers,

We need your help to support our school and the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center’s Lifesavings Program.  Please ask friends, family, and co-workers to sign up for our drive.  Have  more questions! Comment below!

Blood Drive

The St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus

 Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1:00 to 5:30 call Tami or Deb to book a time (333-5799)

or email Deb atbrownsondebraa@sau.edu.

We can and will begin before 1:00 and stay later than 5:30 if that makes it easier for you to give.

 The blood center’s mobile donor unit will be in the parking lot of the Children’s Campus

This drive is being held as part of the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center’s Lifesavings Program,

and will earn a grant for the Children’s Campus.


You have an excellent opportunity to support two great causes!

Creating a Dinner Theatre

This morning as I entered the room, the children were already in full swing of creating a dinner theatre. Our classroom is a long rectangular shape and the block center is across from our family living area. Next to our family living area is a loft. Addison (4.10), Lydia (5.3), and Drake (5.3) had already moved a small table to block center, covered it with a table cloth, added a vase, and four chairs. They moved the couch to face the area where they were going to do their production. As I walked in the children said, “Mahi, we need a stage! We can’t make a dinner theatre without one.” Lydia shares, “I know I’ve seen one out there. No one is using it and we NEED (large emphasis on this word from her) it to continue our work. We can’t learn about theatres without one!” As a teacher, How can you turn this phenomenal moment down? I couldn’t!

A couple boys helped Kara, our assistant, bring the block of wood we dubbed as stage. We rearranged the block area and family living area to make this possible. The children decided the stage needed to be placed near the loft so that they could use the area under the loft as the costume room. Children began assigning roles to other children and/or encouraging them to sign up for specific jobs. In a matter o f minutes, each child who was at school had a role and was preparing for their job. As more friends entered the classroom, they were given a duty and play continued. This play continued for one to two hours depending on the time children arrived at school. The production turned into a musical which was acted out several times so children could take turns with various roles.

Until next time-





2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

How big is a….

As we began to look for our new project, we noticed the children acting out many different roles including dogs, cats, elephants, and giraffe’s.  We started to bring in books that had to do about the zoo to see if the children’s interest was in that field and the answer was definitely yes!  We began by creating a list of what we knew and then some questions that we wanted answer.  With a new school year, we have children who have been a part of project work from about 2-3 years (some were doing project work in the two-year old room as well) or children who have never had experience with project work.  Our younger ones are learning about their ideas, questions, and thought process are important.  We begin to teach them, model for them, and guide them to find the answers to their questions and begin to have an in-depth investigation about a topic.

This week, the children have been very interested in the height of the animals.  A family generously offered an animal fact book for our classroom.  In this fact book, there are pages of animals with information about each animal.  The children began to look for the numbers on the cards to determine how tall they were.  With the help of the assistant teacher, Kara, the children used long blue paper to measure out several of the animals.  After measuring each animal out, the children would then take their bodies and lay out on the paper to determine how much bigger each animal was in comparison to a “typical” preschool body.


Until our next zoo adventure,


Homecoming weekend

One of the many perks of being associated with St. Ambrose University is being able to be apart of their festivities.  With homecoming weekend approaching, we have some festivities that we are apart of as well as some that we have created to celebrate the weekend.

The event includes the Open House from 5:30-7:30 where families are asked to bring a new or gently used coat for our Coats for Kids Campaign.  The following day, the Killer Bee a 5K adult run will begin at 8am.  The Bumble Rumble, the child’s fun run, will be following immediately after the Killer Bee.  This typically is around 8:45-8:50.  In preparation for the event, the children have been preparing by acting out each event.  There are still spaces open for the Bumble Rumble run!  Sign up today at http://sau.edu/Alumni/Signature_Events/Homecoming/Killer_Bee_and_Bumble_Rumble.html


There will be many locations for our Coats for Kids Campaign.  Please drop off a gently used or a new coat at the following locations!

  • AM Guitar Repair, 5259 Jersey Ridge Road
  • EmbroidMe 2222 E. 53rd St #2
  • Kreiter Hall, SAU 401 W. Locust St.
  • Olympic Gyros, 207 W. 53rd St.
  • Rogalski Center, St.
  •  Ambrose University, 518  West Locust Street
  • Speech-Language Pathology St. Ambrose University, 1310 W. Pleasant St.
  • St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus, 1301 W. Lombard St.
  • WQAD 3003 Park 16th Street, Moline, IL

We thank you already for your donation to a family in need!



Coats for Kids Campaign

My faithful blog followers,

Once again, my school, St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus has  decided to continue our support towards the Coats for Kids campaign by gathering winter apparel for men, women, and children.  The items that are being collected include gently used or new coats, boots, shoes, clothing, hats, and gloves.

We are currently looking for volunteers as we begin to prepare for this event.  Our volunteers can help us in many ways such as:

  • Donating large boxes to gather coats
  • Taking coats to Burke Cleaners
  • Keeping a box at your location of employment to gather coats
  • Getting the word out to your colleagues, friends, and family to gather as many coats as possible

Last year we had three boxes, one at the SAUCC, one at St. Ambrose University’s Speech and Language building, and one at the Rogalski Center which part of St. Ambrose.  Last year we had over 175 coats collected, and this year we would like to collect even more!

If you would be interested in helping and would like to donate your time with the above tasks, or have new idea of your own, please let me know. Again, thank you for your support.

Andromahi I Harrison

St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus

1301 W. Lombard St.

Davenport, IA 52804



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