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As most of you know, I love to read and I feel it is so important to share my love of reading with the children! My favorite books to read are ones about feelings.  In combination with using Dr. Becky Bailey (stay tuned for more information as I will be blogging about her latest text soon), who talks about I love you rituals (ways to connect with your child or student on a daily basis), guidance, understanding your teaching/parenting style, and helping the classroom be a group of sucessful learners, and using the vocabulary words as part of your everyday lives it will help give children language for how they are feeling.  More language equals less frustration!

Try some of these books out!

  • žToday I Feel Silly and other moods that make my day By Jamie Lee Curtis
  • žWhen Sophie gets Angry-very very Angry By Mollie Bang
  • žThe Way I feel By Janan Cain
  • žWhen I feel Angry By Cornelia Maude Spelman and Nancy Cote
  • žSometimes I’m Bombaloo by Rachel Vail
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day By Judith Viorst
  • Feeling Happy By Helen Frost
  • Feeling Sad  By Helen Frost
  • Feeling Angry By Helen Frost
  • When I’m feeling scared By Trace Moroney
  • When I’m feeling angry By Trace Moroney
  • When I”m feeling sad By Trace Moroney
  • My many colored days By Dr. Seuss
  • The Story of my feelings By Laurie Berkner

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  1. My children also love One and Zero by Kathryn Otoshi. Here is a post I wrote about them.
    We often relate our feelings back to these books and after reading My Many Coloured Days as well the 3 books seem to be almost on rotation every day. They have really captured their imagination and thinking about feelings.

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