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How do we use technology in the classroom?

Technology in a preschool room?  You watch movies and cartoons on it!  How many computers have you gone through?

These are all statements that I have heard when I tell others that we use technology as a part of our every day routine.  As our children continue to become more and more proficient with the technologies of our lives, I felt it was important to share with you all our children can do with the technologies.


  • google a question
  • today we put up a picture of a cheetah and a leopard to find out the difference between the two
  • listen to music
  • play educational apps
  • find out the weather
  • use the timer to find out how fast or how long something took
  • sketch items from the computer/IPad
  • visit websites to add to our project work or answer questions
  • email a family to touch base with them with a child’s work
  • use the app associated with our assessment system
  • upload photos to our family facebook or shutterfly accounts

Smart Board/Projectors

  • enhances our project work by showing videos of actual events, items, machines
  • use to write words
  • use to follow directions to dances or exercise with
  • use to listen to stories
  • use as a background to our work (the scenary to a play, water for our island)
  • identify words
  • create shadows
  • view a powerpoint of information for children or create one with what has been learned thus far

Cameras/Video Cameras

  • view and take pictures from
  • review something that happened and retell the story
  • share accomplishments
  • video tape the childrens work and then see what needs to be added next time to enhance the details (this has worked with our plays)
  • sharing the first time a child accomplishes something in your room

How do you use technology in your classroom? Home?  What can we add to this list? Why is it important to your room!


Enjoy the technology around you!





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