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A new addition

I am happy to announce that we will have a new addition joining the blog! Chelsea Rakuc came to St. Ambrose University to obtain a degree in Early Childhood.  She came to our lab school to fulfill her field experience hours and from day one she captured our hearts!  Her passion for children and teaching was evident from day one!  We had to ask her to work for us when she was not in class or fulfilling her required practicum hours.  I have seen her grow and flourish into a wonderful young woman.  As I watched her this summer participate and support the University, the trainers, and the trainees in the Summer Institute  (yes, this was with the AMAZING Lilian Katz); I saw her excitement and dream of training, teaching, and supporting others happen.  I approached her and asked if she would be willing to share her insights, reflections, and what she is learning while she is taking her last semester of classes and then continue as she student teach.  As teachers, we always seem to be wanting to learn more (we seem to never want to leave school!) and I can’t wait to learn the information she will be sharing with us!

Below is her Biography.  I will also add it to the About section on our blog.  Begin to look at new posts from her beginning this month!

Hi!  My name is Chelsea Rakuc and I am a senior at St. Ambrose University.  I am studying Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education.  I have been a part of the Children’s Campus family since 2011, working as a student worker in both the Leapfrogs and the Dragonflies.  I am preparing to begin my student teaching in the spring in the North Scott school district in a first grade and early childhood special education preschool classroom.  I feel that teaching is all about creating an environment for children where they feel safe, are engaged in learning, and learn in a way that allows them to express who they are and what they are interested in.  I am so excited that Mahi is giving me the opportunity to share her blog site and I hope that you all follow me on my journey!  I want to share my perspective and my observations in various practicum settings and student teaching.  I cannot wait to share my findings, thoughts, reflections, and passion that I have for young children.


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