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Last week, we read the book Pigs in the Pantry and role played the entire story.  We talked about the different measurement tools the characters were using and even pretended to chop, dice, and saute many of our pretend ingredients.  During this same week, we were discussing liquids, solids, and gases in relation to our weather project.  After reading the book for several days and role-playing, the children asked if we could make chili based on the recipe from the book.  We couldn’t say no!!  We knew that we could discuss the changes of the types of food as we brown the meat, saute the vegetables, and prepare the chili.  We felt this would combine so much of our curriculum into this activity.

Yesterday, we spent time organizing our food and taste testing many ingredients.  We classified each item into gas, solid, or liquid.  Sometimes, the children would guess right away where they thought the item would fit.  Other times the children would wait until they saw the contents in the can.  Several children who are typically are picky eaters tried items with us that they would never have tried in the past!  They even liked some of them!!  They even shared they would try the chili!

Today, we prepared the chili and it is currently cooking in our crock pot!

To find out what has happened so far check out our power point:

Pigs in the Pantry

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