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James Zhara

Our expert joined our classroom on Friday.  James Zhara, a local tv meteorologist for channel eight news, joined our classroom.  I would say he was one of our best experts we have ever had.  His high energy personality made it hard not to follow every word.  He was willing to spend time sharing his journey to becoming a meteorologist and discuss what and how things work at the station.  We also had the opportunity to ask him our questions.  Our questions were in two different formats.  We had questions from our questions web as well as pictures the children had created the week prior to his visit with more questions.  When he was done, he brought us a picture with his signature on it, he took a class picture with us, and even let us hug him per request of the children.



Creating our questions for our expert

We are now to the point with our Project Work that we are ready for our expert to come in.  We were able to get a local TV personality to come to visit our classroom on Friday.  James Zhara, a meteorologist on our local channel eight, will join our classroom.  The children are counting down the days on the calendar and at home!

As we prepared for his visit, we revisited our questions that we had started to create at the beginning of the project. We then added to those if we needed too.  The children have also created pictures on paper so they can share with him as well when he joins us.  We plan on taping and photographing his visit so we will post as soon as we can. We plan to add to this list until James’ arrival.

Some of our questions include:

  • Have you seen a real tornado?
  • Have you seen a blizzard?
  • Are their clouds at night?
  • Do cumulus clouds bring rain?
  • What is a radar?
  • How many radars do you have?
  • How do you know all that you know?
  • How many meteorologists are there?
  • How are puddles made?
  • How are lightning bolts made?


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