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What we learned about Trees

›As I had shared in my previous post, the children wanted to create a book about what we had learned!  Here are the children’s quotes from our book!  Enjoy!

  • Roots make trees grow.
  • Trees have roots.
  • Bugs live under bark.
  • Orange trees have leaves.
  • When you pick an orange the stem comes off.
  • Weeping willows still have branches.
  • They are many kinds of trees: apple, pine, banana, orange.
  • Apples fall off of trees.
  • Pink flowers are cherry blossoms.
  • Yellow apples grow on trees.
  • Fungus grows on some trees.
  • Oranges have seeds.
  • A tree starts with a seed then it gets a lof of water and grows into a tree.
  • Trees have bark and branches.
  • ›Bark is brown.
  • ›The crown of the tree is the top of the tree and it is the same color as grass.
  • Branches on a weeping willow hang down.
  • ›Buds are on red maple trees.  They are red.
  • ›Trees need sun to grow.
  • ›Trees have trunks.
  • ›Trees have buds in the spring.
  • ›Buds turn into leaves.
  • ›Trees with red leaves are red maple trees.
  • Bark can be different colors.
  • ›First a seed grows underground, the it start to grow and out ppos a tree.
  • ›The leaves fall off trees in the winter.
  • ›In the fall, leaves turn colors.
  • ›Coconuts have holes on top.  It looks like a bowling ball but you can’t bowl with it.
  • ›Pine needles grown on pine trees.
  • ›They are coconut trees.
  • ›They have palm leaves.

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