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Once we have determined a project, we begin to bring in materials for the children so that they can investigate and learn from there own experiences.  (Many of us learn best when we are able to manipulate something!)  As children were waiting for group to begin, several began to look though a book about trees and the rainforest.  They began asking each other questions such as:

  • Do different kinds of birds live in trees?
  • What animals live in trees?
  • What kind of  trees are in the book? 

 Children who were able to answer based on their experiences or from the story would, while others would encourage children to write it down on our questions we had already logged!

Inspire your children!  Support them!  Offer them the tools to succeed!  

Learning and growing as a team through the text.

You can do this in your room by adding the below materials based on your project:

  • books
  • website
  • photography
  • props

Until next time-


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