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The Musical

Check out our newest production, a musical, performed on Friday! This was completely child led. Teachers were there to support younger children by helping them follow the directions of their peers. Teachers were also used to help reach and find items for the children. The children would come up with a description of what they needed and the teacher would try to find it and give the children support based on their needs. Besides that, the children did all of this work. Teachers asked for clarification, observed, and questioned the children to help with higher order thinking skills.

Children begin talking about what production they would like to create for the day. The children decide they would like to do a musical but are not sure of the music they would like to do. An older child suggests making a list to vote on. He copies words from several books and cds until they narrow down their voting system. Children vote and decide tohave a musical. They then start to gather items as they think of what play they would like to do. The begin by working to figure out what they need. They use classroom books and technology the children create a list of jobs we need. Friends then copy the words onto a sticker and add it to their shirts. Some of the jobs included lighting, stage manager, office box, ticket master, actresses and actors.

The girls work on creating the stage. Three boys work to set up the seats for the show. Several children begin to create tickets out of perforated paper that was in the classroom. One child cuts the tickets and gathers friends in an area to wait for ticket sales to begin. As he prepares this section, another child shares that we need to know when the show will start. A child over hears and says they will take on that job. He begins to creates a clock on a piece of paper making a circle and then copying the numbers one through twelve. He counts down to two minutes and then begins to put friends in their positions to begin the show. The audience members begin to buy the tickets. They are then told to move to another location where a child is waiting for them. This child created a ticket booth with a laundry basket to catch tickets and a block with a whole in it to put the cut tickets through. She takes tickets and shows friends to a friend who shows the audience members where their seats are located. The audience sits down and the narrator, tells friends, “Ladies and Gentleman!” All the girls in the room then use the Greg and Steve songs to act out their musical. Up in the loft, boys have created lighting and video cameras based on pictures they have seen from a friends trip to the theatre. They also use a flashlight as a spotlight to follow the actresses.

Stay tuned as we add more detail to our play,




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