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Taking the lead

A child decided to lead a small group before nap today. They read a story and then gave any child who wanted an I Love You Ritual before bed time. Now that is what I call classroom community! Click on the words classroom community to learn more about I Love You Rituals.

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To do this one at home:

  • Ask your child to put their hand in front of you showing all of their five fingers and having them spread them apart.
  • Point to each finger and say the child’s name or as our child enjoy each person in their family (sometimes pets too!)
  • finish the rhyme by squeezing their hand and saying a positive remark such as, I love you! Good Night! I’m so glad your you (or here today!)!


The beauty of the I Love You Rituals is they can be tailored to you, your family, and your classroom!




Peer to Peer interactions

I can’t pass this opportunity to show you this video of two children in my classroom!  One of the reasons I love teaching are these moments and the importance of peer-to-peer interactions.  With each project, we create a list of what we know and what we want to know.  This time around, three of my children decided they would take the lead in making the list of questions we had for this project.  The list they created was all of their work and I did not help sound out or write a word of it.

In the video, you will see Terryn (5.4)  and Addison (4.9).  Terryn is writing the question that he has for the theatre.  Addison sounds out the word and teaches him several words to write in order to get the word he wants written.  After they were done, I asked if I could share this video with their families and then on this blog.  The both agreed if they could see the video first.  After watching the video, Addison says, “That video was so awesome it bring tears to my eyes!”

Click the link below to see the video:


I have to agree with Addi!  Keep Inspiring!


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