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Conscious Discipline

The last and definitely not final book that I am reading of Dr. Becky Bailey’s is called Conscious Discipline.  Click the title to visit her site dedicated to the Conscious Discipline program as well as her other materials.  This book is more geared towards teachers but can be applied at home in various ways.  I have not finished reading the book but have taken notes, highlighted, began trying some techniques and ideas in the classroom.  I feel with every book of hers that you can read her work over and over again and still learn from it.

Conscious Disciplines goal is to empower both teachers and children!  The book is built on three major ideas including: controlling and changing ourselves is possible and has profound impact on others, connectedness governs behavior, and a conflict is an opportunity to teach.

The program empowers teachers with the Seven Powers for Self Control:

  • Power of Perception: no one can make you mad without your permission
  • Power of Unity: we are all in this together
  • Power of Attention: What you focus on you get more of
  • Power of Free Will: The only person you can make change is yourself
  • Power of Love: See the best in others
  • Power of Acceptance: The moment is as it is
  • Power of Intention: Conflict is an opportunity to teach

Take a long look at these items.  I want you to reflect on these items.  You can reflect on this blog, email me personally, share with a friend/colleague/family member, or write it down.  Begin with one, make a small attainable goal, and begin to work towards it.  Please let me know about your journey!

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