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Pizza Sizes

IMG_3210The children had been using the pizza boxes in their play as they delivered and orders pizzas.  As the children played, the teachers helped, by modeling, using the size terms for their pizzas.  We began to wonder where we could find the actual sizes and a child suggested looking on our iPad.  We went to the Happy Joe’s Website and were able to find that Happy Joe’s has four different sizes.  They carry a Little Joe which is six inches, a small which is nine inches, medium is twelve inches and a large is fifteen.  One child believed that we needed to have the sizes up on display (as the do at the actual Happy Joe’s).  She set up her work space using paper, pencils, and a ruler.  As soon as she began to create the first one she realized that using a ruler might not work.  She asked other friends how they created their pizzas and the other children began to run in the same problem.  She tries several other ideas and then begins to feel frustrated.  Mahi tells her about a pencil protractor and wonders if they could go look for one around the building.  She decides to create her own.  She wraps a string around a pencil and measures six inches.  She holds the string down at the beginning of the ruler and stretches the string to six inches.  She then moves the pencil around in a circle.  After the circle is created, she measures it and realize it is too big.  She then moves down to five inches and creates a ten inch pizza.  She continues to do this until she finds the perfect measurement, three inches.  She continues this method until she finishes the medium pizza.  She then asks to come back to it tomorrow.

The following day, she returns to her work and realizes she can not use a ruler as she needs a fifteen inch pizza.  She tries the method she used the day before using a measuring tape.  She creates IMG_2772several different pizza outlines and each time she measures them they are not the correct amount.  She gets an idea to trace a circle item and begins bring items over that are circle.  She then realizes and shares, “I have to get a pretty big circle because small circles are not going to work.”  After ten minutes, she finds a laundry basket.  She measures it and it equals fifteen inches.  She traces it and re-measures to make sure it was fifteen inches.  The measurement is seventeen.  She tries again and the same thing happens.  She then realizes, “I was measuring the inside but traced the outside!!”  She continues until she finds an item that will work.  Her work is currently being used as part of our Happy Joe’s Restaurant.

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