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Knowledge Web

Each project has three phases in it.  In the first phase, we begin to gather information with both the children and with your teaching team.  The first phases is typically about one to two weeks. 

As I shared in the last post, the teachers gather information by creating the anticipatory web.  We begin, with the children, by creating a web of what the children know.  For children who have been a part of the project experience before, they have lots to share and typically do not need any prompts.  The younger children often begin to tell you personal stories where you are able to identify what they know from those stories.  For example, a child might say, “I have a tree in my back yard that has apples on it.”  As the teacher, you might say, “So what you are saying is that you know apples grow on trees?”  After being at the Engaging Young Minds Training with Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard last July, we also encourage the children to sketch and share stories about their personal experiences.  We gain so much knowledge from the children at this time!  We can even save the first time personal sketches and compare with the sketches at the end of the project.   Lilian and Sylvia taught us the importance of these stories as we followed this same procedures in our adult project.

Check out our knowledge web with the children!

Please let us know how your knowledge webs!  What are you strengths? What do you feel your weakness are when creating the web? Do you have any frustrations?  Please share, your concerns, thoughts, or ideas can help someone else!

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