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A visit to Happy Joe’s


You guessed it! We made it to Happy Joe’s! The children have been working over the course of the last few months learning about Happy Joe’s, the types of Pizza they make, what they need to make their pizza’s, what they might wear, what materials they might need to do their jobs, and the routine of a Happy Joe’s store.  We still had some unanswered questions, so we toured the building.  We learned so much while there!  Each of the children had the opportunity to make their own pizza’s.

We were able to answer several of our questions but now are beginning to wonder some more things which we will begin to investigate. Stay tuned for more updates from our trip!



Our sauce experience began with the garlic. One child wondered if garlic only came “white like that”. Another child shared, “No, I don’t think so.” I shared I had something in my fridge that might help and the next day I brought in my container of minced garlic. A reader in my room read the word garlic right away. We opened up the container and smelled it and a child said, “Yup! That is the smell of garlic. Yum!” We then compared the difference between the minced garlic in my container and the actual garlic.

Some comparisons included:

  • “Smell like garlic.”
  • “One is white and one is orange or yellow.”
  • “Really tiny”
  • “flaky” about the garlic clove
  • “cold” about the minced garlic

We even tried it. After some children reported the clove of garlic was hot another child shared, “The other garlic is in water. Water makes things not hot. Like a fire.” I posed the question, “Will the pizza be hot if the garlic is hot?” The same child who shared that the pizza crust will not be sweet because there is not enough sugar shared again, (Click here for the post about Pizza Dough)”No. We are not putting TONS of garlic in.”

After we investigated each ingredient, we created another list of items to try and then we tried them! The children voted for the items they liked the best.  We then created the sauce and tried it again. To the children’s surprise, the sauce was not hot. “It was just right! Like in the three little bears!”

Taking the project outdoors

IMG_3027A well picked project is a project that motivates and excites the children.  Each day, the children (and the staff!) should be so excited to learn the newest information or role play the information they have already learned.  We turn our entire classroom into our project.  For instance, during our tree project (click here to find out more!) the children turned our poles into trees and we created a grocery store called Hy-Vee during our Hy-Vee project.  With this project, we have added extra tables, materials from Happy Joe’s, and chairs to create our own restaurant.  The children have been discussing the types of pizzas and have been incorporating this in their play as we learn more about the restaurant.

I am lucky to be a part of a center which has a nature explore certified outdoor space. Outside, we have items available to use to extend and continue our projects outside.  To help enhance this current project, we have picnic tables, art materials, a house furnished with tables, chairs, dishes, pans, and tablecloths, and a Mud Kitchen.  For those of you unfamiliar with a Mud Kitchen, we have created an area outdoors where the children can experiment, use, and play with mud.  The area has materials including dishes, pans, bowls, whisks, spades, ladles, and cabinets.  One morning, several girls rushed over to the Mud Kitchen.  Several minutes later, I watched these same girls walk over the house which is near the Mud Kitchen area.  “Does anyone want anything from Happy Joe’s?”  Several children made their orders and the girls returned to the Mud Kitchen.  The girls used water and mud to create pizzas, baked them in their oven, and then called over their peers to join them for pizza.

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