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Modeling what they see

Our routine in our classroom has always been to eat lunch, read a book, and do an I Love You Ritual (click here to learn more about these!). We feel this routine is important for so many different reasons. We can build relationships with the children at this time, we begin to calm our bodies for nap, and bond with the children.

At this point of the year, the children are becoming more competent and capable with everyday as we prepare for kindergarten or just getting a year older. After lunch on Thursday, the children gathered their items for their cots and brought books to the area we always read at. The children asked if I would read a book and I shared I’d be right over. When I came over, a few minutes later, the children were split up in to three groups. Each child leading the group was reading a book from memory or word for word to their peers! I asked if I could read to them and the children dismissed me. ¬†They finished reading and followed this same process the next day!

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