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Creating music

The beauty of project work is the collaboration we have from the children and the families. The children are so invested in the project that they continue to add, ask questions, and tell families what they have done with the current project.

On Monday, a child brought in a book that had a classic children’s song in it. She shows it off to her friends. She then says, “Look! This is the coolest part!!” She then turns to the back page and shows off the staff filled with musical notes. She encourages a friend to join and the two girls re-create a staff based on the staff from the book. They then take their work over to the xylophone and play the keys.


Notes, Notes, Notes

The children had been wondering about the musical notes that they have been seeing in several of our books that we have been using for our project work. Meghan, our curriculum student, spent several weeks introducing the beats, musical notes, and various types of music. On this particular day, the children identified the notes on a staff by playing a bean bag game. Meghan set up the game by using painters tape on our carpet, she introduced the staff and the notes on a staff and then began to play the game. The children threw a bean bag on the staff and would then identify the notes. Later Meghan used the staff to teach the children about how to play the notes on an instrument using a xylophone and the marimba outside.


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