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The children have been discussing ways to culminate our theatre project. After much deliberation in large groups, small groups, and one on one with a teacher the children decide to make posters with the list of items each classroom can prepare to create their own play in their classrooms. Children took turns sounding out words, writing the words, and creating pictures for the posters. We plan on continuing this work into tomorrow and then distributing.

Here is our work so far!



Peer to Peer interactions

I can’t pass this opportunity to show you this video of two children in my classroom!  One of the reasons I love teaching are these moments and the importance of peer-to-peer interactions.  With each project, we create a list of what we know and what we want to know.  This time around, three of my children decided they would take the lead in making the list of questions we had for this project.  The list they created was all of their work and I did not help sound out or write a word of it.

In the video, you will see Terryn (5.4)  and Addison (4.9).  Terryn is writing the question that he has for the theatre.  Addison sounds out the word and teaches him several words to write in order to get the word he wants written.  After they were done, I asked if I could share this video with their families and then on this blog.  The both agreed if they could see the video first.  After watching the video, Addison says, “That video was so awesome it bring tears to my eyes!”

Click the link below to see the video:


I have to agree with Addi!  Keep Inspiring!


Election Day

We find it very important to talk and base our play around meaningful experiences for the children.  With election day being on Tuesday, the children came in on Monday with so much to share!  They shared the news reports they had been seeing, who the candidates were for president, and how you needed to cast you vote.  This began our two-day voting sessions! Two children sky-rocketed this event by creating their own polling stations.  They used small pieces of paper and had children write their names on these and then as the voting continued children then wrote their candidates names.

On Tuesday, children were voting all morning.  Polling stations were prepared and children voted for their favorite candidate.  We kept our computer and Ipad turned to CNN and Fox news for any information about the voting!  Some children were curious about who exactly were Mitt Romney and Barak Obama so we found information about the two of them.  The children were surprised to find out that they were parents too!  We than discussed how adults can have many different “roles” and “jobs.”

Some objectives we were able to document in the Creative Curriculum for included:

  • Social Emotional: 2a.Establishes and sustains positive relationships through peer interactions
  • Language: 10a Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills: Engages in conversations
  • Cognitive: 11a Demonstrates positive approaches to learning: attends and engages
  • Cognitive: 11b Demonstrates positive approaches to learning: persist
  • Literacy: 19a Demonstrates emergent writing skills: writes name and writes to convey meaning
  • Social Studies:30 Shows basic understanding of people and how they live

How can you make an experience meaningful for children?  Have you already?  If so, how? We’d love to hear it!

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