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My name is Andromahi I. Harrison and I am a preschool teacher (3-5 year olds) at the St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus in the Leapfrog Classroom.  I attended St. Ambrose University for my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special education.  During my time at St. Ambrose, I spent time working as a student worker at their lab school, SAU Children’s Campus.  I spent three years there until I student taught in the fall of 2007.  During my student teaching semester, a full-time position opened at the Children’s Campus and  after interviewing, I landed the position and have been with them ever since.  To me, the Children’s Campus is family.  It is a place where we all have the same teaching philosophy and support one another.  I feel I am in an environment where EVERYONE is learning! This includes the parents, children, teachers, students who join us from the university, and even the professors.  It is a safe environment for all of us to learn at our own level and interest!


Hi!  My name is Chelsea Rakuc and I am a senior at St. Ambrose University.  I am studying Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education.  I have been a part of the Children’s Campus family since 2011, working as a student worker in both the Leapfrogs and the Dragonflies.  I am preparing to begin my student teaching in the spring in the North Scott school district in a first grade and early childhood special education preschool classroom.  I feel that teaching is all about creating an environment for children where they feel safe, are engaged in learning, and learn in a way that allows them to express who they are and what they are interested in.  I am so excited that Mahi is giving me the opportunity to share her blog site and I hope that you all follow me on my journey!  I want to share my perspective and my observations in various practicum settings and student teaching.  I cannot wait to share my findings, thoughts, reflections, and passion that I have for young children.

“When a person feels encouraged, he can face the impossible and overcome incredible adversity.”  John Maxwell

Comments on: "About our Writers" (2)

  1. Dear Mahi,
    Thanks for all your time and attention today during my visit to the Children’s Campus. It always re-energizes me when I meet teachers like you!!
    After teaching for over 20 years in the public schools, I am always wanting to learn the new best thing out there for kids. Thanks for sharing your day with me. You have a wonderful softness with your students, yet your expectations for their learning are clear.
    Keep up the wonderful happiness in your Leapfrog classroom!! I hope my son Jacob can come “play” with you some day too!
    Thank You Friend!
    Kim Burd

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