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Our sauce experience began with the garlic. One child wondered if garlic only came “white like that”. Another child shared, “No, I don’t think so.” I shared I had something in my fridge that might help and the next day I brought in my container of minced garlic. A reader in my room read the word garlic right away. We opened up the container and smelled it and a child said, “Yup! That is the smell of garlic. Yum!” We then compared the difference between the minced garlic in my container and the actual garlic.

Some comparisons included:

  • “Smell like garlic.”
  • “One is white and one is orange or yellow.”
  • “Really tiny”
  • “flaky” about the garlic clove
  • “cold” about the minced garlic

We even tried it. After some children reported the clove of garlic was hot another child shared, “The other garlic is in water. Water makes things not hot. Like a fire.” I posed the question, “Will the pizza be hot if the garlic is hot?” The same child who shared that the pizza crust will not be sweet because there is not enough sugar shared again, (Click here for the post about Pizza Dough)”No. We are not putting TONS of garlic in.”

After we investigated each ingredient, we created another list of items to try and then we tried them! The children voted for the items they liked the best.  We then created the sauce and tried it again. To the children’s surprise, the sauce was not hot. “It was just right! Like in the three little bears!”



We started with making dough! The children spent three days making dough. Our intention was to make dough one day and the children’s learning, enthusiasm, and yes, some dropping of the dough made our decision change! We noticed and reflected that the children learned so many skills in three days. By the end of the three days, some children were telling Christy, the assistant in our room, the ingredients we need, the order to put them in, and the correct measurements. They were using measurement words and several of the pizza vocabulary.

We began with talking about each of the ingredients. The children labeled the items and discussed other recipes where they had seen that type of food before. We also gave the children an opportunity to taste the salt and sugar. We discussed how each of the items tasted and the children had the opportunity to write their names on chart whether they liked the item or did not. The children who needed help writing their names were guided by older children on how to write their names. They then returned to the table and as they waited for the yeast to dissolve in the mixture they discussed what the crust would taste like. One child shared, “It won’t taste like the sugar. I think we only put a little bit in. If you put a lot in then it taste like sugar!”

After creating batches of dough, the children started to take this into their play making play dough pizza’s or preparing dough at the Happy Joe store.


Coats for Kids Round up!

Fellow bloggers and friends,

I would like to begin by thanking you in advance for your support.  We have decided to continue our support towards the Coats for Kids campaign again this year by gathering winter apparel for men, women, and children.  The items that are being collected include gently used or new coats, boots, shoes, clothing, hats, and gloves.

We are currently looking for volunteers as we begin to prepare for this event.  Our volunteers can help us in many ways such as:

  • Donating large boxes to gather coats
  • Taking coats to Burke Cleaners
  • Keeping a box at your location of employment to gather coats
  • Getting the word out to your colleagues, friends, and family to gather as many coats as possible

Last year we had eight locations!  We also had 213 coats and 55 miscellaneous items collected, and this year we would like to collect even more!

If you would be interested in helping and would like to donate your time with the above tasks, or have new idea of your own, please let me know. Again, thank you for your support.

Andromahi I Harrison

St. Ambrose University Children’s Campus

1301 W. Lombard St.

Davenport, IA 52804



The answer is….





For those of you confused, click here to find the post associated with this answer.

The mystery item!

The children started pulling items about of our plastic bag to begin the preparation for our pizza sauce.

“What is that white thing?”

“That white thing?  An onion.  Onions go in pizza sauce.”

A child begins to pull pieces off of this mysterious white item.  Other children continue to take items out of the bag as they look back to see what their friend is doing.  Their friend continues to pull and pull pieces of this item.

“It’s an onion.  I’m sure!”

“But it doesn’t smell like an onion.  And it is not making my eyes water! Will you show me a picture of the onion on the computer?”

Mahi brings up a picture on the computer and the children agree it is not an onion.

The item is open and the children are peeling smaller and smaller pieces.  “I’ve smelled that before! It smells so good.  It is…..”

Before we add a picture, does anyone have any guesses what the children discovered together completely on their own?

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